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Christmas Cracker or Party Pooper?

The Burning Question - Christmas Cracker or Party Pooper?

Here at Provide Design we don’t like to think of ourselves as Party Poopers. We like to think of ourselves as Christmas Crackers – explosively good and containing lots of nice surprises (and the odd really bad joke). Today we just wanted to write about something which becomes very apparent this time of year.

We’re not being Party Poopers and there isn’t a humbug in sight, but as Christmas gets closer it seems a lot of us use it as a reason to panic and forget about what lies ahead until it is all over and we are comfortably in the New Year.

From a business perspective we have seen many Christmases where everything is rushed into the last few days. Suppliers drop the ball, clients ring expecting the impossible and there isn’t even time to think about the Christmas shopping! This is when detail is missed and our need to get the year over and done with can cloud our foresight and we forget about planning for the coming months.

This year we did it differently. We planned all our marketing activity, we booked our jobs in advance so there would be no need for Christmas Eve deliveries and we made sure that when January comes round it will be a solid continuation on from 2008. No drastic resolutions – just keep stuck to the business plan.

We also employed the assistance of marketing experts to guide us on what our next move should be. Designers and creatives we are, but as marketeers we have a lot to learn – always bring in the professionals to move this part of your business forward.

So this year we will be relaxed and comfy over Christmas knowing what is coming next. Nice feeling – works great with mulled wine.

So Merry Christmas everyone – have a great time. Unwind and if you’ve not done it already, at least mentally prepare for an awesome 2009 – it will be one!

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our top 10 design related websites of 2008

I think it was Einstein who said; “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” , as inevitably all designers will, one way or another, draw their inspiration from a variety of sources. As graphic and web designers it’s always a good idea to keep ahead of the field and see what’s around the corner and ultimately to keep your ideas and creativity fresh.

Well, here are our favourite design related websites for 2008. We have selected these sites as they have not only inspired us, but have become the weekly read with a cup of coffee as well as useful tools and resources we call upon now and then.

Graphic Exchange

Web Designers Wall

I Love Typography

Think Design Blog





Colour Lovers

The Favourite Website Awards

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FunkBunk Part 2

FunkBunk - Part 2

FunkBunk Part 2 is ready! FunkBunk’s neighbouring office space has just been finished and is ready for carpet, cables and some new tenants. The commercial office space is available to rent from FunkBunk as desk spaces just like the original FunkBunk or if the right tenant comes along then they can snap up the entire space for an incredibly good rate.

Good parking, great location and high speed broadband are just some of the plus points.

Contact FunkBunk for more information. or call us on 0845 003 9559

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Trick or Treat?


It’s that time of year again. When the prospect of a legion of children, all super-charged on sugar and E-numbers and hell-bent on making you feel guilty when you profess that the last lot of ghosts, goblins and witches took all the fizzy cola bottles, begins to make you feel a little un-easy.

The same could be said for choosing the right company for your website re-design or your next market strategy. At some point you are going to have to open the door and face what’s on the outside. Choosing the right company can be a scary process but it needn’t be. Talking to designers and creatives who are both passionate and understand modern demands of good creative strategies will help you realise the main objectives of your project.

A good designer will not only tell you where you are going right but also where you a going wrong. They will justify their reasons for their proposals and not only present you with great looking visual work but tell you how that will achieve the results that you require. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions, the more information you have the less frightening it all seems. We’re not a ghoulish bunch after all.

Ultimately it has to be said that communicating regularly with your designer ensures you are always kept up to date with progress so you’re less likely to be tricked and more likely to receive a treat at the end of it all. We may even have some fizzy cola bottles left over.

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Forge Racing In Car Video

A short in car video from the inside the Forge Racing TVR as they secured 2nd place at Brands Hatch in June 2008

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