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Design and build a website to promote Purity Productions, a local events management team. Based on WordPress the site was required to showcase their growing portfolio, deliver their services and keep regular news updates with a blog system and social media integration including Twitter.

Check out their website here

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Design and build of a comprehensive website for Dunstable Downs Golf Club. The club needed a new website that gave them greater control over it’s content and allowed them to communicate news and important dates to its membership.

The site was built on a full content management system with several unique features such as live, dynamic weather reports on the site and an interactive scorecard that tours visitors around the course.

Take a look at:

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To blog or to micro blog?

In the world of social networking it seems that Twitter is the web 2.0 app of the moment. A micro blogging service that allow users to add quick ‘Tweets’ about themselves, their lifestyle, job, company, breakfast, dogs etc.

3 years ago I was asked to put forward suggestions for a quick, personal, update app that allowed a company to put a ‘friendly’ face on their website and grow their social network. I put forward Twitter. At this time they barely had a 50,000 users and was very much in it’s infancy. However, the company in question felt it wasn’t ‘corporate’ enough and shelved the idea.

Moving forward 3 years and Twitter, with it’s few million users, has recently become an integral part of the companys website. This isn’t just a one off. Many companies are now using Twitter to reach a wider audience, to promote their products and increase their traffic. It seems Twittering is fast becoming the new blogging, so much so that the mighty FaceBook has restructured it’s homepage to rival it.

Twitter takes less time to write and perhaps more importantly it take less time to read and with the use of such tools, (FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace et al), the possibilities have now been totally realised by many companies, especially in the doom and gloom climate we all seem to be living in today. There seems to be a certain sense of urgency, to be a “part of it”.

But what about good old fashioned blogging? A well written blog will always attract more attention than a tweet. It becomes indexed by the search engines and it’s not confined to a user, it is far more global. The possibilities of using a blog (or blogging platform) when considering a website should never be under-estimated. We have had some great success from constructing sites based around blogging platforms and are continued to be amazed at the development that goes into them. WordPress in particular is always highly recommended at the Provide Design camp. But now we have many more options/toys to play with.

With the amount of web apps available to web developers a company can reach their target web audience in more ways than ever before. We as web designers, can utilise this time of social networking to create that killer site that really works the way it needs to work as well as look darn pretty.

And that really does make us want to blog more!

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The design and build of a WordPress based website for The Badminton Academy. Website features integrated news and blog system (which allows the players to keep their tour diaries up to date online), profiles for all of the players, their results and an events calendar.

The Badminton Academy teach some of the UKs top junior badminton players. Expect to see more of these kids at the Olympics!

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The design and build of a WordPress based website for Marketing agency BigBird. Website features integrated news and blog system with dynamic content through the use of Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript library technologies and Flash.

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